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The Best Pizza in Naples

About Pizzeria Di Matteo

Your visit to Italy will not be complete without experiencing the best and one of the most historical pizza places in Naples. Di Matteo pizzeria’s fame is recognized all over the world, it is no coincidence that tourists and travellers include the Di Matteo pizzeria as an obligatory stop on their trips. The family of pizza chefs is recognized above all for their traditional hand-made pizza and various fried foods in general, the pizzeria stands out from many others because of its recipe that has been passed on from generations to generations.

Photo: Di Matteo family 1936  

L'unica Sede

The Di Matteo pizzeria has only one location and it is located in the heart of Via dei Tribunali, a few steps away from Piazza San Gaetano. The restaurant is on two levels. On the first floor, there is a room intended for the patrons and a place for the big oven of the pizzeria itself, and an area for the preparation of both fried and baked pizzas, while on the second floor there are four other rooms for the patrons.  

Salvatore Di Matteo, born in Naples on April 18, 1974 is the descendant of a family of pizza makers. He said that he was born with “his hands in flour” because his mother Giuseppina, to help Nicola, her husband, had worked in a pizzeria until a few hours before Salvatore was born. When Salvatore turned 13, his dad Nicola began to pass on the foundations of the profession to Salvatore.

In September 2011, Salvatore Di Matteo won the 2011 World Cup competition with his “Ripieno Doc”, a creation created specifically for this world championship of pizza makers held in Anzio, Italy.

In 2013, among 300 participants of this season of the Pizza World Championship held at the Palacavicchi in Rome, Salvatore won the title of Super Champion because of the accumulation of his scores acquired in the first and second day of competition that were classified in the two categories: “Pizza fritta” and “Pizza in pala”, third in the “Margherita Doc” category and fourth, in the “Margherita scenografica” category.

Photo: Salvatore Di Matteo via Pizzeria Di Matteo snc


Former US President Bill Clinton visiting Di Matteo Pizzeria in 1994


Classica Pizza in Naples, Italy

Pizzeria Di Matteo

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